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The Worms Head, Gower 

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This is not just a site for images, favourite recipes and knotwork designs. Celtic life is about much more than that, and one of our ancient traditions is as warriors. Find out what makes us angry. Help us fix it!

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Few places on Earth have so exercised the imagination as the land of Wales. From the dawn of history this small corner of the British Isles has been inhabited by people and nations, and the scars of a turbulent history are forever etched in the unique and enigmatic countryside. Here you will find a gallery of images of Wales

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Christianity Mythology and History

So what's this heading here for? More than you may think. Find out about Celtic Christianity through the ages, and today. Ever wondered where all those place names come from? Who those patron saints are? and what they did? It's all coming to this site...

Wales is a land of mystery and culture, history and outstanding natural beauty. Legendary figures abound: King Arthur; the great wizard Gwydion; Merlin; Taliesin the bard and Macsen Wledig
    If you want castles, they are here. If your interest is industrial heritage, we have that too. The Roman Empire reached these shores, and yet the Celtic spirit was left undiminished.
    In these pages we would like to take you on a short tour of the ancient nation that is Wales. 



The Tour of Wales is a leading site for the dissemination of Welsh information, probably the longest running such site on the Internet. An online non commercial magazine with articles and links for everything you want, be it history, mythology, spirituality, culture, art or a virtual tour. You will find it all here. The only think you won't find is banner ads and browser windows popping up! This is a quality grass roots web site and we aren't going to give in to cheap commercial gimmicks.


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