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Opinion: The Shame of Ceredigion

"Potential goldmine, you must be joking. . ."

It's no joke Dai Lloyd Evans - although Ceredigion Council is one.

For many years Ceredigion Council has been dominated by so-called independent councillors, who take their orders from the head of the independent[sic] group, Dai Lloyd Evans. 

Recently Dai Lloyd Evans set up a cabinet within his council to further disenfranchise the electorate who do not support this party-by-another-name.

Under orders from the Welsh Assembly they carried out a "consultation" to find what style of council the electorate wanted, and the overwhelming majority rejected both a cabinet and a directly elected mayor, choosing instead a more inclusive style of local government.

Dai Lloyd Evans then rejected this consultation on the un-democratic grounds that anyone who did not respond to the consultation letter must be happy with the status quo.

Having firmly established himself as an undemocratic, no really independent councillor, it seems Dai Lloyd Evans proceeded to abuse his public position to make money.

Aware of the county plan that he would soon be pushing through council with his "independent group" cabinet, Dai Lloyd Evans bought land on the edge of Tregaron that he knew would soon be redesignated by that plan to allow building.

According to an independent assessor, Dai Lloyd Evans looks to make half a million pounds from his timely purchase. When challenged on this, Dai Lloyd Evans was evasive and nervous, and after a couple of weeks decided to deflect the uncomfortable questioning by attacking a political opponent for an alleged planning breach.

But this attack has backfired. It turns out that the head of the Plaid Cymru group has perfectly valid planning permission, granted by Ceredigion district council (the defunct council of which Dai Lloyd Evans was also a part, and for whose controversial planning policies, Dai Lloyd Evans was the principle apologist).

So what do we see? Dai Lloyd Evans is a self serving undemocratic councillor who seeks to bully his oponents with treats of raking over his own mistakes from ten years and more ago.

Dai Lloyd Evans: Resign!


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