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The stand on this site in defense of the Kyoto protocol has elicited some strong feelings. In this article, Kenneth Morgan challenges the Kyoto orthodoxy

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Kyoto : Another Perspective

The notion that human generation of carbon-dioxide is a major cause of global warming is just that -- a notion. The evidence of archeology and paleontology show that average temperatures on the globe have varied widely. So climate does change, but there is no scientific consensus on why and how it changes. We do not know if the climate is getting warmer of colder and we can not tell to what degree human activity contributes. The data on the current rate of climate change is very mixed. Proponents of the human global warming theory have not been able to create a single atmospheric model that predicts the future or can account for, say, the cold spell of 1812.

If we assume the globe is getting warmer why are we to assume that is a bad thing? The proponents of the theory predict general catastrophe without any methodology. They merely postulate bad things that could happen. Good things could also happen. Even if we accept the catastrophic predictions, there is no evidence that the Kyoto accords would have the desired affect, especially since emerging industrial giants, like China, would have been exempt from its provisions.

To my mind a much better course would be to spend far more in atmospheric and climate research so that we can get enough data to make reliable predictions about the climate ten years hence.

Kenneth Morgan


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