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Rick Murran speaks out on the suppression of the Welsh language and the adverse effects of the Act of Union. . .

Rune Stone

"The Act of Union is as poisonous as it was when implemented, and still strives to destroy and suppress the Welsh."

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The Language Debate : An English Speaker's View

I am writing from a monoglot English Speaking point of view and am prepared to be controversial. I do not live in Wales, I live on the other side of this island referred to as a United Kingdom. I stumbled upon your Website as I was looking for somewhere to stay.

Why should the English show any interest in Wales other than providing it with it's silly language, unprouncable place names, and plenty of sheep. The music is crap, you can't understand what they are saying and they play Rugby! The best thing that came out of Wales is the M4.

I am ashamed to be categorised as 'English'.� It offends me to hear the views I have mentioned above and I have, I believe good reason to.� These certainly are not my views. I studied for my degree in a Community College in the North of England whereby the we studied 'Oppression, Equality and Rights.� Strangely this oppression was on a global scale, and at a local level, in our own communities.�� I therefore took my studies one step further and based my dissertation on ' An Oppression of a Nation - The Struggle for Survival Of the Welsh Language'.� From a personal perspective I wanted to highlight and research the fact that we can oppress a nation that happens to be annexed by a stupid law that is outdated and should be never have happened, The Act of Union. I encountered a great deal of hostility and suspicion from normal people into my motives, why, because I was English, a monoglot English Speaker, and the fact the the Language Act was still in its early years.� I respected this and came to the realisation that after hundreds of years of suppression and indignity, because of the pride and language of a nation, this is not going to disappear overnight.

Even my course tutors could not comprehend or did not want to recocgnise my research, as did my fellow students. Until the English people and those in power finally recognise that there linguistic attitudes are racist then the struggle will continue.

The world frowns upon the actions of Nazi Germany for their Ethnic cleansing, and the actions of the those in the Balkans, but what they doing in their own back-yard is considered acceptable.

Recently the government wanted to reclaim the Union Flag from the Racist's, to return the Pride of the Nation as they did with the Jubilee and the World Cup. This could be perceived that the Government are afraid that their actions are being taken over by the small minorities of which they have no control, it better for the super state to control as they are not held accountable or questioned.� Welcome to BIG BROTHER.

You have asked the question are incomers like foot and mouth disease? Yes, the incomers are like foot and mouth except the incomers are not slaughtered but what is happening is the language is being slaughtered and with this is an culture, history and national identity.� So of cause the effects are real.�� The farmers lose their land, the local shops, pubs, family businesses's are destroyed by the influx of incomers who are prepared to buy what they consider 'cheap properties' but at the same time increase the housing market out of the price range of the local communities. The young people are forced out of the areas, away from their families and communities because they cannot meet the financial demands to buy a home. This results in the next generation of Welsh speakers, those who have inherited the struggle and fight to gain the recognition for their Language and Culture and National Identity being evicted from their homeland. The Act of Union is as poisonous as it was when implemented, and still strives to destroy and suppress the Welsh. This is what it was intended to do.

The comments made by Seimon Glyn are controversial and radical.� Speak up more. Llywelyn and Owain were controversial, they strived for freedom and change.� Great people and small people in unity can bring about change, change for the better of a nation and freedom from their oppressors.

There is the danger of stopping radical views to fit the norm in order to not offend, but his views a important.� You have asked the question of Civil Liberties. Where is the Nation of Wales Civil Liberties?� Locked away with the Act of Union. This is clearly dominate in the fact that the article was written in Welsh and caused a stir in the English Press.� The media is the best ideal form in the 21st century to destroy a nation, through the medium of English.� Before long, the English Language spoken in Wales will be have be spoken in a certain dialect, yet again in order to keep individual oppressed, but that is as long as they do not speak Welsh or with a Welsh accent!

I have not read your previous correspondence or articles as I have just discovered your site, but do not be afraid of controversy of radical views. Great thinkers and believers throughout history through radical thoughts have escaped the grasp of colonialism and oppression.� Wales is your Nation, it is a Nation with a history, culture and a langauge.

Rick Murran