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On 29th March 2001 George Bush turned America's back on the Kyoto treaty, defaming his country internationally for its failure to get to grips with the excessive pollution that it causes. The long term future of the world has been mortgaged for short term gain. America has been condemned worldwide as the cause of 25% of greenhouse gases, having just 4% of the world population, and with no desire to see genuine change. Now Bush wants to build more power plants, pushing that percentage ever higher, without a thought that lower consumption may be a better remedy to his nation's energy crisis.

To mark this worldwide tragedy, these pages have been black for five months. They were put back to normal on August 22nd - unfortunately not because of any change of heart by the Toxic Texan.

The Shame of Ceredigion

Dai Lloyd Evans - undemocratic and unprincipled.

Right to Roam?

Should people have the right to roam on any land on which they do not cause damage? What about the whole concept of land ownership? Are we stuck with a 17th century misconception?

Fuel Tax

Is fuel tax too high? Find out what we think, and why. Have your say, and join in the on-line vote


The Language Debate

Are incomers like foot and mouth disease? Should the English be monitored and controlled? Are rich English incomers destroying the fabric of Welsh communities?

The Welsh language stirs strong emotion. See the latest article on the subject


The article on this page has elicited strong emotions on all sides. Read a short piece by Kenneth Morgan presenting another point of view.

What can we do? Are we all doomed? or is there really a sensible way to reduce fuel consumption in a way that will not destroy our economies.

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